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How to use your smart home to prevent home burglary in St. Paul

June 05, 2023
Outdoor security camera overlooking side yard of house

Regardless of whether you’re taking a long vacation with your family or simply heading to work, it’s completely normal to get a little apprehensive about your property’s security whenever you leave. You know break-ins take place frequently, and you wish to do whatever you can to keep your property safe. Fortunately, modern smart homes give you many effective tools to prevent home burglary in St. Paul.

Here are a sampling of the ways they can help you.

Put your lights on a schedule

Having your home appear lived-in is always a great way to discourage prospective burglars. This is particularly important when you're embarking on a prolonged vacation. Various smart homes can help you accomplish this by putting your lights on a schedule. If you're afraid that someone might observe the lights turning on at the same time each evening, you may establish multiple schedules and make it appear more random. On the chance you forget, you can always switch on the lights directly from your helpful smartphone app.

Set St. Paul smart door locks to engage automatically

Smart locking systems are another valuable measure to prevent home burglary in St. Paul. Rather than always fretting over physically locking your doors, you can arrange for them to automatically lock after a designated length of time. You may even generate custom codes for family members, friends, and neighbors. This way, you are able to halt the unsound practice of placing a key in a flower pot or under a mat. If there’s ever any doubt, you can make certain the lock is turned by checking the app on your smartphone.

Outdoor surveillance and doorbell cameras are effective tools to prevent home burglary

Getting captured on camera is one thing all intruders want to avoid. Simply having tools like doorbell and outdoor cameras set up is an intimidating way to deter intruders. But these advanced devices will go even further to keep you protected. Some cameras feature audible and visual alerts to actively frighten away criminals when they detect movement. In addition, doorbell cameras frequently include a two-way audio feature, providing you the opportunity to speak with whoever’s lingering at your door. Interested in seeing what’s going on in real time? You simply watch the live footage from your phone!

Device synchronization and automatic alerts

Would you find it beneficial to have your foyer light activate when a camera observes dubious activity? This device integration is achievable with a range of smart homes and is just another effective measure in preventing home burglary. Your elements not only work together, they’ll also inform you and your monitoring professionals whenever something occurs. Was your door sensor tripped? Did someone come into view at your front door? You’ll get an alert right away and have the chance to take the appropriate next step.

Customize your own smart home in St. Paul

Interested in taking advantage of all the rewards a smart home can bring? Reach out to Vivint and explore how you are able to prevent home burglary in St. Paul with smart door locks, lights, video cameras, and more. Call (651) 240-6686 today and let our skilled team aid you in designing the proper plan for your home.